biopic2I was always a visual artist. As a kid I loved to draw, and a pencil and pack of paper followed me wherever I went. My dad gave me a Kodak Instamatic 104 but I barely ever used it because I wanted pictures of spaceships and dinosaurs and the camera couldn’t help with that.

When I finally got into cars, I wanted pictures of my car like the ones I saw in the magazines. Suddenly the camera became relevant to me, and in my pursuit of the perfect car photo, I mastered the basics of photography. In college I drove in track days with my friends, and with my new digital camera I was always the one documenting the day. Soon I graduated and got a job, and then lost my job in the recession. I had to sell my RX-7 project, but I still wanted to go to the track with my friends and the camera gave me an excuse. From then on I was known more as a photographer than a driver.

As I honed my skills I was able to pick up clients, and before I knew it was a full time traveling motorsports photographer covering drifting, rally, and road racing for such clients as Hankook Tire, Scion Racing, and GReddy, and providing to content to several magazines and websites.

Interested in hiring me? Email info@andrewbohan.com or call +1 415 347 9500