A lot of people are quick to point out that it’s not the gear that makes a good photo, but the photographer himself. I say it’s both. While I do agree that’s it’s possible to get nothing but Pulitzer Prize winning photos with a cell phone, there are certain kinds of shots and situations that you need good gear for. These pieces of equipment won’t automatically make your photos amazing, but they will allow you to be the best that you can be.

1dxI use a pair of 1D’s wherever I am on the track. The quick focusing and fast continuous mode of the 1DX can’t be beat, but the 1D Mark IV isn’t far behind.

400The 400mm  f/2.8 IS II is a magnificent lens. It’s the longest 2.8 lens Canon makes and it’s ultra sharp. It’s my most-used lens at the track.

70200There’s a reason nearly every motorsports photographer has a 70-200 f/2.8. Its versatility makes it useful both in the pits and trackside, and it’s absolutely essential at tighter tracks like street courses.

lensesNo kit is complete without a handful of smaller lenses. I use three zooms (8-15, 16-35, and 24-105) and three primes (24, 85, and 135). I uses these lenses for most of my pit and paddock shots and wide pans, as well as portraits and landscapes.

goprosFor on-car shots or other hazardous locations, I use GoPro cameras. They are light and easy to use and have tons of available accessories.

mbpLightweight and powerful, the 15″ MacBook Pro with Retina display is a fantastic machine for editing on the go.